euros (57,000 dollars) in fines. The bill passed by 127 votes against 86. The Armenian community, like others, has the right to be protected against [genocide] denialism by the law,” Sarkozy told about 100 prominent members of France’s Armenian community during an award ceremony late on Wednesday. the genocide label, saying that there was no systematic policy to “We will always remind them of that,” added Davutoglu. Hollande also supports the idea of criminalizing genocide denial, which has long been championed by French-Armenian leaders. WW2 in the East - The Battle Of Kursk. Davutoglu accused French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who is languishing Ollier said it will help to eliminate the “poison” of genocide denial. Turkey officially refers to what happened as the "Events of 1915.". lower house approved the controversial bill last month. "The Turkish people are extremely sensitive about the use of the word `genocide’ to describe the sad events which occurred during the Great War and they feel unjustly accused of a crime they did not commit during a time marked by great suffering on both sides," the Hurriyet daily quoted the letter as saying. “So I have asked the government to prepare a new text. but influential Armenian community ahead of this year's presidential Paris to protest the law. 2001-70. "We have previously determined the steps to be taken if the bill is La présente loi sera exécutée comme loi de l'Etat. Before becoming president in 2007, Sarkozy - who is expected to seek was supported by the county's ethnic Armenian minority. frozen out of Turkish government contracts. by the French state, including the Holocaust of the Second World War Turkey rejects this figure and denies that the massacre amounted Episode 9. France has declared a national day of commemoration to remember the 1915 Armenian genocide. foreign minister told FRANCE 24 on Sunday. 2855, discussed and adopted on January 18, 2001. But he made his remarks at a ceremony in Ankara honoring victims of a 1970s and ’80s campaign by a terrorist organization calling itself the Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia. Throughout the six months since, France-which, unlike Germany and other EU members, has no large resident Turkish community-has sought to play the role of mediator. Hollande has promised to the influential Armenian community in France that his government and the ruling Socialist Party will enact similar legislation. This bill sets a one-year prison sentence plus a 45-thousand-Euro fine than seven hours of intense debate. "It will not be impressed by any lies, by any pressure, what we are looking for is historical accuracy and reconciliation," he said. historical event. The country already has a law punishing Holocaust denial. Turkey on Wednesday strongly condemned the announcement, accusing the French president of using the event as political fodder. 60, discussed and adopted on November 7, 2000. Thousands of French-Armenians gathered in front of the Senate building to express support for the bill. We use cookies to improve our service for you. On the other side of a phalanx of riot police, a group of were killed by the Ottoman Turk forces in 1915. Legal notice | According to Armenians, several contemporary independent observers of the killings and many late historians, Turks systematically murdered more than a million ethnic Armenians living in Anatolia between 1915 and 1917, while Europe was preoccupied with World War One. But he stopped short of acknowledging a premeditated government effort to exterminate Ottoman Turkey’s Armenian population. the French President will ratify it within fifteen days of the Senate's Lang drafted the Assembly’s resolution and has been its strongest supporter and guiding spirit. French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday declared April 24 to be a national day to commemorate the 1915 Armenian genocide. its ambassador and froze all military cooperation with France. stating history but about treating genocides recognized by France None of this has gone down very well at the Quai d’Orsay, the home of France’s Foreign Ministry. unconstitutional if 60 appeals from the Senators are received. I hope ... good sense prevails in the French Senate,~T Davutoglu said. He was accompanied by President Serzh Sarkisian. LOI no 2001-70 du 29 janvier 2001 relative à la reconnaissance du génocide arménien de 1915 (1) L'Assemblée nationale et le Sénat ont adopté, Le Président de la République promulgue la loi dont la teneur suit: Article unique. of up to 45,000 euros. The bill was passed by the French National Assembly on December 23, on Wednesday, Foreign Minister Ismail Cem said the pending vote would "encourage violence.". Ankara froze political and military ties with Paris after the French Several hundred people demonstrated outside the Senate as the Commenting on the vote, ANCA Executive Director Aram Hamparian said, ”Today’s courageous vote by the French Senate shines the spotlight across the Atlantic, on American policymakers, who, for far too long, have let Ankara block U.S. recognition of the Armenian Genocide.”. Nicolas Sarkozy's firm opposition to Turkey joining the European Union. French-Armenian intellectuals and artists—including Charles Aznavour, Serge Avedikian, Simon Abkarian, and Levon Sayan—had issued a call to the French Senate to pass the bill. Those who encourage it are fomenting hatred that could have been and should have been extinguished with time.". the Nazi Holocaust of Jews during World War II and the deaths of emphasized the importance of Turkey 'as a partner and ally. France 24 is not responsible for the content of external websites. approval from France's significant Armenian population of some are officially recognised by the French state. Only Greece, Turkey’s long-time adversary, has done so in the past. “We mark this occasion by urging President Obama to honor his pledge to recognize the Armenian Genocide and by calling on the U.S. House leadership to allow a vote on the Armenian Genocide Resolution, H.Res.304,” he added. On Thursday, he told Radio France Internationale that its passage "would rectify an historic injustice (and) honor France as well as the Armenian victims.". President Nicolas Sarkozy should sign the text into law by the end of February. ", he asked. The announcement triggered an angry response from Turkey. France publicly recognizes the Armenian Genocide of 1915. The Turkish newspaper Radikal, ran an article on its website titled, “The Turks went home, the Armenians have started celebrating,” in reference to the mood of the crowds during the hour leading up to the vote. 2011 - a move that sparked outrage in Turkey which briefly withdrew the Armenian Genocide. The draft law would outlaw any public denial of genocides recognised The Senate backed the bill, which was passed by the French lower house on December 22, by a vote of 127 to 86 after a more than seven-hour heated debate that cut across party lines. Génocide Arménien 24 avril Journée Nationale de Commémoration Toulon France Live TV 2019 Armenian Genocide April 24 National Day of Commemoration Toulon France Live TV 2019. Sénat: Proposition de loi no 60 (2000-2001); Discussion et adoption le 7 novembre 2000. they say Turks are nowadays loath to admit. Turkey estimates between 300,000 and 500,000 people died but rejects La France reconnaît publiquement le génocide arménien de 1915. "The painful history of Armenians and Turks is being used ... for France officially recognizes Armenian Genocide Hollande Urges Turkey To Recognize Armenian Genocide. He is facing a tough reelection battle against the opposition Socialist Party’s candidate, Francois Hollande. France held its first "national day of commemoration of the Armenian genocide" on Wednesday, fulfilling a pledge by President Emmanuel Macron that sparked an angry response from the Turkish government. He also confirmed that he will again visit Armenia in April 2015 to take part in official ceremonies that will mark the centenary of the genocide. victimes of the Genocide who cannot protect themselves. Chirac deliberately used the word "genocide" and when the reporter asked to clarify "genocide or tragedy," Chirac said "genocide," adding that the fact is a law in France, adopted by the parliament. Law no. Not, I've said it a hundred times, the battle for I don't know what "memorial laws," the spectre of which is brandished before us every time. by the Senate in time for this legislature. Even so, his declaration marked a further softening of Ankara’s decades-long policy of aggressive genocide denial. The Assembly’s affirmative vote was virtually assured earlier this week (Tuesday, May 26) when its Foreign Relations Commission endorsed the resolution. A law for the respect of these very rare truths, the transgression of which is a threat to each of us, because they aim at the heart of the human race. hundreds of thousands of Armenians in eastern Turkey between 1915 During his interview with French radio today, Lang acknowledged that the Assembly’s recognition of the Genocide would, at least temporarily, upset French-Turkish relations. to deny that Armenians suffered genocide at the hands of Ottoman Sarkozy’s government officially acknowledged its support for the controversial measure during the debate, with Patrick Ollier, the French minister in charge of relations with the parliament, openly urging senators to vote for it. Contre les négationistes...Pour ne pas oublier...Le Génocide Arménien Constitutional Council of France accepted on Tuesday Senators' appeal Constitutional Council can censor the law which it considers of the bill which is expected to be passed. against the bill criminalizing genocide denial, European Democratic France was the first major European country to recognise the massacres as genocide in 2001, following a lengthy struggle that has strained relations with Turkey. Turks also died in the violence, which took place during World War I. Erdogan has accused Sarkozy of using the bill, which was proposed by The Senate first voted to confirm the constitutionality of the bill. Privacy Policy | he said. Franco-Armenians demonstrated in support of the legislation. Turkish officials have long denied that any deliberate attempt was made to exterminate the Armenian minority during those years, saying that only 300,000 were killed. En France, le génocide arménien a été reconnu le 29 janvier 2001 et, depuis la loi du 12 octobre 2006, la négation de celui-ci est passible de poursuites judiciaires. The amazing letter of January 30th, signed by one of the magnates of the CAC40, named, for the occasion, "co-president of the scientific committee," of the main Franco-Turk pressure group, the Institut du Bosphore: in it, M. de Castries, who is also the boss of Axa insurance company, implored the legislators to resist the request of French citizens of Armenian origin. decision. GENOCIDE ARMENIEN FRANCE 3 FRANCE 3. freedom of expression.". On the other hand, those who opposed the bill did so on the grounds of opposing memorial laws in general, and noted that the French Senate is not a courthouse and is not a place to legislate history. Sarkozy was instrumental in the recent passage of such legislation by the French parliament. for anyone who denies these genocides. In the past few days, however, the Turkish government’s anger has been directed less at Brussels than at Paris. Seventy-two signatures have been collected so far, although only 60 France’s upper house of parliament approved late on Monday a government-backed bill that makes it a crime to deny the Armenian genocide, despite Turkey’s threats to impose more sanctions on Paris. 08.03.2012 Earlier this week, President Suleyman Demirel said that passage of the resolution would seriously damage relations between the two countries. Eric Feferberg, AFP | Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, French PM Edouard Philippe and co-president of Coordination Council of Armenian organisations of France, Mourad Franck Papazian at an Armenian genocide anniversary commemoration, April 24, 2019. , following a lengthy struggle that has strained relations with Turkey. Cem did not explicitly say the violence would take place in France, which is now threatened with Islamic terrorist action during the month-long World Cup soccer tournament that begins in two weeks. Turkey says that many Muslim LOI no 2001-70 du 29 janvier 2001 relative à la reconnaissance du génocide arménien de 1915 (1) L'Assemblée nationale et le Sénat ont adopté, Le Président de la République promulgue la loi dont la teneur suit: Article unique. not to underestimate Turkey, saying Ankara had prepared a raft of Daily newsletterReceive essential international news every morning, Take international news everywhere with you! On Jan. 18, a French Senate committee had rejected the bill, but the committee’s decision was not binding and today’s vote proceeded as scheduled. Hollande said that while Erdogan’s decision to extend first-ever official Turkish condolences to the descendants of the genocide victims was “positive” Ankara should go further. The French foreign ministry on Monday called for restraint and Turks a century ago. Fait à Paris, le 29 janvier 2001. legislation banning genocide denial. The bill was passed as demonstrators outside the parliament building carried a huge banner which read: ``Thank you France for recognising the Armenian genocide. Erdogan’s statement was welcomed by the European Union and the United States. 'It's a The President of the Council and no less hilariously entertaining Jean-Louis Debré who, as Mayor of the city of Evreux in 2006, went so far as to have an inscription mentioning the victims of genocide sawn off a plaque honouring Franco-Armenian friendship.