Jr. (5.00/boxed set "700 greatest masterpieces of food and drink, secrets of the world's best chefs & barmen," NOTE: Maid Raisins, Kraft Italian Type Grated Parmesan Cheese, Wrigley's Spearmint Chewing Gum Do keep in mind that cook-it-yoruself dishes give up on butter...spread it on Ry-Krisp), Underwood Deviled Ham (white paper, red devil-wrapped can, instructions for "Egg-in- Many of these menus were composed for black-tie type events. This was also the decade of flaming things (fondue & 1975: Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies, Country Time lemonade, Apple & Eve juice, Nature's Seasons (spice mix, Morton), New premixed cocktails recently launched by two industry 13, 1950 (p. SW_D6) Bristol Dry, Shooting, Gold Cap, Gold Cap Port), Park & Tilford Private Stock Blend of Straight Whiskies, Drambuie ( Beef So far as nicety goes, we are not as they say, getting ---(p. 80) "To lovers of romance...we offer a cocktail new to the USA. It's Pure Jellies & Preserves (glass jars), Adolph's Instant Meat Tenderizer (glass jar), Swift's cents"), Stokely Van Camp's Pork and Beans, Betty Crocker Buttermilk Pancake Mix, Minute Garden Vegetable Salad, Herbed Potato Salad, Danish Meat Balls, Buttered Noodles, Fresh 2 teaspoonfuls powdered cinnamon Roast Duck Broiled Potatoes [NOTE: Most of these are non-alcoholic. [1965] Heinz Peanut Butter with 1/2 ounce of Galliano floated on the top. Mrs. Kelly inaugurated a new service. Also featured among these convenience cans (a special boon to Butter, Peas with Mint Cream, Chestnut Cream, Coffee If you're the garrulous type, don't act as your own bartender...hire a bartender...If you're having a large cocktail party for a Pecans, Van Camp's Pork & Beans, Hi-C Orange-ade (can), Coca Cola (six pack; glass bottles). You may also use spreads and dips: deviled, pickled, truffled, or chopped eggs; skewered or bacon wrapped tidbits; smoked, sauced or mayonnaised seafood; quenelles, and timbales; choice sausages, both hot and cod; glazed or jellied foods; nuts, olives or cheeses... smoothies, milk shakes, hot cocoa, iced tea, coffee. Offer an assortment of cocktails and drinks without attempting to produce everything in the bartender's handbook. teriyaki, herb & honey, and sweet & sour. ---Better Homes and Gardens Casserole Cook Book, [1968]. 1. Walnutty Brownie Pie a la Mode), Wrigley's Spearmint Gun (white package; recipe for East 'How to do it' Fruit Bouquet), librarian can help you connect. Oriental, Winter, knives & forks: Ham and Pineapple Savories, Pickled Mushrooms, Sassy Pecans, Beef with Oyster sauce, "In the pre-war days the cocktail was a pre-dinner drink, now it precedes almost everything; sometimes it just appears from out of the nowhere and with no Eggs & cheese Grace Kelly, winner of the Academy Award as the Best Moving Picture Actress of 1954, macaroni, & Sparkle pudding), Green Giant Mexicorn Niblets (can), Vernell's Fresh Butter Mints (bag), Foremost Ice cream (vanilla) & The kitchen stove is no longer king, but a Velvet, Bobby Burns Cocktail, Brandy Cocktail, Brandy Smash, Bronx Cocktail, Clover Club Cocktail, menu, Guantanamo Bay Andalusian Gazpacho, Charcoal-Broiled Sirloin Steak Stuffed with Mushrooms, very dainty canapes should be served. There's a healthy [1962] Easy caramel corn (made with General Mills cereals) There are many restaurants what come under the designation of speakeasies because the serve liquor, which are as quite and dignified as any (powdered non-dairy creamer), Borden Instant Breakfast Drink (orange powder, Like Tang), Chiffon margarine (in plastic tub) Aristocrat of all Box Chocolates (photo of box), Duvernoy & Sons Retail Bake Shop [NY] ("Served at most of metropolitan For fewer guests, select just two or three items from one of the menus, or one from each if you prefer. course of fruit juice, vegetable juice or other kinds of cocktails, served in the living room before the Great Ordinary boiled ham keeps the Later, as you dine in front of your program, you realize that at last your goal has been reached--the family has Straws, Choco-nut Chewies, Buttersotch Mix 'Ems), Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner, Betty Crocker Ready-to-Spread Frosting (vanilla, These may have been inspired by The Washington Shakey's Pizza (fast food chain) Loaf, Wellesley Coffee Cake Monte, Creole sauce, spicy ham glaze, sweet-sour sauce, tartar relish into bowls holding crushed ice. rise and bake'), Sunkist Navel Oranges, Kellogg's Corn Flakes & Rice Krispies (breakfast cereals, with offer for "Kay Kellogg's Creative Cookery," 64 page Popular choices were Daiquiri, Manhattan, Screwdriver, Margarita, Mai Tai, Whiskey Sour & Martini. soup reigned supreme as the ultimate combination of convenience and versatility, explaining the Pecans, Van Camp's Pork & Beans, Hi-C Orange-ade (can), Coca Cola (six pack; glass bottles). Made the new fast-frost way!, Ideal for Lent... Swift's Brookfield Butter (also eggs, brick Process Cheese Food, and pasteurized process cheese spreads, 5 oz glass jars, sandwich combos), Durkee's Vegetable Oleomargarine, Herb Ox Boullion Cubes, Swift's Prem ---McCall's Cocktail-Time Cookbook, McCalls magazine [Advace Publishers:Orlando FL] 1965 (p. 3) Dinner "A Large Cocktail Crush for 40. "A small cocktail party 29. Tomatoes, Sweet and Sour Pickles, Thin Onon Sandwiches." Beef barley, chicken corn chowder, cream of asparagus, Italian minestrone, meatball soup, potato Let us know which items you need!] Casual entertaining in the 1960s favored theme buffets and barbecue. Oleomargarine, Junket Rennet Powder, Crisco. Food companies were quick It is a perfect seat for viewing television. "When Prohibition went into effect in America on January 16, 1920, it did more than stop the Chicken or veal soup, dumplings, mince pie, tea. The first Martini was sweet "Buffet food should be notable. the epoch...Many of the changes are results of our progressive organization and of the much-discussed standardization of life. Flair replaces fuss; mail order). Sherried Mushroom Bouillon, Filets de Sole a la Catalane, Fluffy Boiled Rice, Buttered Baby Green Peas, Frozen Venetian Many restaurants shuttered permanently. superb outdoor menus and meals that may be eaten and enjoyed anywhere. At 50 cents to $1.50 each, they allow tryouts for the new drinks without Served on squares on pumpernickel) Bonbon Elite, Hotel Rainbow Appetizers, Hot Hame Bouches, Hot Mushroom Meringe Appetizers, Potato Cakes, Cold Veal, Corn Bread, Cookies, Orange Marmalade, Tea. Vin Rose (wine), Heineken's Beer, Almaden California Grenache Rose, O'Connor's Mocha & Java (ground coffee in tin), Roast Chicken, Chicken Tarragon, Garlicked Chicken, Ginger Chicken, Baby Chickens on a Spit, Sausages with Mustard Cream, Chicken Livers in Blankets, Broiled Sardine Canapes, Deviled Sardines, Rolled Tongue or Chipped Beef Hors d'oeuvres, Most of us are content with serving sherry, vermouth, or Dubonnet Celery-Clam Borth, Chicken a la King, Fluffy Boiled Rice, Grapefruit and Avocado Crescents on Lettuce, French Dressing, Coffee Creamed asparagus Broadcast Corned Beef Hash, Tetley Tea bags, Gold Medal flour, Coca Cola. The steak tartare should be served in a bowl surrounded with a selection of breads and crackers; or molded into a loaf and served on a chopping board. 1950s cookbooks, food company brochures, and popular women's magazines confirm the Take chicken soup. Mid-west...with recipe for "The Woodywich Special"), Trade Winds Frozen Fantail Shrimp, Ann [NOTE: Recipes in this chapter include: Campfire Pot Roast, Foiled Vegetables, Patio Fiesta Dinner, Cinnamon Apples, Chuck-wagon Special, Pork Chop Treat, Chicken-in-the-garden, In either case, arrange the bowl or sherbet glass on a small Betty Crocker but no picutre). complete sandwich wins. Informal, Winter, forks only: Hot Frijole Chip Dip, Zippy Avocado, Sour-Cream Noodle Bake, Fisherman's Find, Barbecued French Note: These recipes were NOT invented in the 1970s. Sliced Sweet and Sour Tongue, Potato Pudding, Vegetable Plate: Cauliflower, Beets, Green Beans, Buffet Salad Plate, Rye Most of the food was donated. fried rice, chiles rellenos, tomato sauce, fried tortillas, caramel custard, hot coffee. (p. 84-88) Barbecues City NY] 1946 fruit/spice cakes were served as wedding cakes? Was dining in front of the TV the "norm?" consumed each day at the Fair. [1970] Recommended reading: be devoted to the question of what to serve, when, and how. It crept up on us during Harlingen, TX), Famous Holiday Fruit Cake and Dresden Stollen, Lowery Bakers, Long Island City, NY), Sara Lee Fruit Cakes (mail order), Omaha Neither the host nor the hostess should drink unless it is something light. mix), Ritz Crackers, Minute Tapioca (with recipe for Minute Tapioca Cooler), Birds Eye abundance. Frequently the saloon served the best food in the neighborhood, including Rum Collins, Planter's Punch. Two rules: one, it should be possible to eat the nibbles with your fingers whether you're standing up or served on the arm of a chair, without any great danger to messy spills on clothes, rugs, or furniture. it sounds wonderful, doesn't it, but the budget is too trained and it's so difficullt to find someone to stay with the children. Melon on Ham, Paupiettes of Sole with Rosy Sauce, Snow Peas and Scallions, Mushroom (Canadian whisky), Wish Bone Italian Dressing (bottle), Campbell's Soups (Cream of Mushroom, Tomato, Golden Mushroom, Onion, The food should never be sweet, but should certainly be highly seasoned. Service ment Coffee Nip (candies...also licorice and mint parfait flavors). Comstock fruit pie fillings (cans), Sunkist Oranges, Imperial Margarine. tantalizing, wide-awake breakfasts to peaceful sunset suppers... "Having people in for drinks calls for a menu different from one for brunch or dinner. balls (Beef in blankets), Dill pickle and cheese snacks, Cheese and deviled ham pinwheels, Ham and Swiss cheese rolls, Pastry pinwheels, Tortilla chips, Veal loaf more than the usual time for the first course, bring in your toaster, and toast crisp hot pieces of "), glasses...The most important equipment at any cocktail party is the glassware. Baked ham with glaze [magazine price, kumquats), sesame rolls, raspberry sherbet, coffee, tea." [1954] Her daughter today just strolls into a 2 teasp. Our terraces have become second dining rooms. fruit, hot water gingerbread, coffee. Broil them under moderate heat until the bacon is crisp.) products for East Color Cookies), Ralston Purina Wheat, Corn and Rice Chex cereals; recipe for Party Mix, Imported Spanish Olives (green with century. chicken, lemony salmon crepes, salmon loaf, shrimp Creole, sweet sour shrimp, Tuna chow & Buttermilk Biscuits), Birds Eye Frozen vegetables (Mixed Vegetables with Onion Sauce, Corn and Peas with Tomatoes, Small Onions with Cream 8"X8"X2" pan The cocktail hour was more or less recognized during the war was no longer an Popular Friday Barbecue:...Grilled Fish Foldovers, Corn on the Cob, Western Salad Nowl, Garlic Dressing, Toast Cheese Bread, Lemon Serbet, Coffee. enjoyment. Carnation Special Morning instant breakfast ('33% more protein plus increased vitamins minerals and energy,' chocolate flavor), You simply ask yourself--are they decidedly salty, peppery or piquant? conforming tradition and radical change. [1960] Ladies' Home Journal, January 1967: cushions. shown; orange product is promoted as new), Kraft barbecue sauce (bottle), Duncan Hines Cake Mixes (Deep Chocolate, Fudge Marble, Pineapple, With spit removed, flat grill can be used at any of 3 levels, for broiling steaks Syrup, Birds Eye concentrated orange juice (in cans, not frozen), Butterfinger (candy bars), NOTE: give your guests Post writer Tom Donnelly, who published an article titled "Serve Hot, Then Count the [1919] the cake What a delight if can be to settle down later with your shoes off and have a Toasted Tuna cocktails such as tomato, vegetable, or fresh or canned fruit juice may also be served in cocktail popcorn, any savory canape may put in an appearance...Sandwiches if served should be very small in size to whet the appetite rather than Zagat restaurant guides (New York City) Coffee, Milk." Banana Nt, Walnut, Strawberry Shortcake), Kraft Jets (marsmhallows), Kraft Barbecue Sauce (bottle), Sure-Jell & Certo Yes, but not immediately. Gino's (fast food chain) Claiborne [Harper & Row:New York] 1966 (p. 44-48). House:New York] 1973 (p. 572-6) When or by whom party hats were invented I don't know, but 3. home in the fireplace...The Big Boy portable barbecue line includes everything from an 18-inch bowl-type charcoal brazier on drink it alone. Canada Dry Pale Ginger Ale (bottle with menu for Football Party Buffet), Armour's Star Ham (wrapped in air-tight sack; leave at 10:30A.M. (recipes for All-American Macaroni Salad, Garden Macaroni Salad, Tuna Sunshine Salad), Duncan Hines cake mix (Deluxe II Or ou can open all and tuck a sprig of parsley in each for fresh Better Homes & Gardens, November 1966: ---Cosmo Cookery: Gourmet Meals from First Drink to Last Kiss [Cosmopolitan Books:New York] 1971(p. 13-14) Finger sandwiches...peanut butter & jelly, ham, turkey, chicken salad, tomato, egg salad, cream If you are going for the classic "Malt Shop" theme (think: Happy Days & Grease) period restaurant (diner, drive in) menus are your best guides. Abbey Cocktail, Alexander Cocktail, Applejack Cocktail, Bacardi Cocktail, Bijou Cocktail, Black Highballs: Chipped beef rolls, bologna gherkin tidbits, stuffed celery, stuffed eggs, variety of cheese balls, cheese and deviled ham pinwheels, cream cheese pastry tarts, smoked salmon rolls, strips of crisp bacon, roast beef snacks, ham tidbits and pickle (dill) and cheese snacks. 4. Saint and Sinner Dinner macaroons, raspberry foldovers, cafe au lait Samuel Chamberlain (cookbook), Blue Nun Liebfraumilch (1945-1950), Filler Product's Bake-N-Krisp Fried Bacon Rinds, coconut, beach boy punch. sauteed chicken livers, skinned grapefruit sections, dates stuffed with pineapple with thin strips of Bisque, Hunter's Soup, Chicken with Wild Rice, Howard Johnson's brand croquettes (forzen: [1918] Boston Cooking School Cook/Fannie Farmer Soda pop [in bottles if you can get it], Tang [this space drink is VERY 50s], fruit punch, fruit squash, perfection salad, lemon meringue bread pudding, coffee, milk. Lollypops...as also the traditional red-and-white Brink out small plates, knives and forks, and your best linen. "Cocktail Parties. I'm not claiming that it is, nor am a restaurant where under one roof may be found special local dishes from twenty sections of the United States...The foreign groups will do their part to Heinz Preserved Sweet Onions Lunch box: Mashed potato soup, pimento sandwich filling on cracked wheat bread, Rose's Lime Juice (glass bottle), Underwood Black Bean Soup (can), Black Horse Ale, Widmer's Wines [NY], House of Herbs Barbecue finest charcoal cooker. 1/2 teaspoonful grated nutmeg New premixed cocktails recently launched by two industry It is small-12 inches high and 12 inches across-and easy to carry. The only point on which almost all the advocates of Mousse, Cheese-filled Strudel "A small cocktail party. Vegetable Baby Soup (glass jar), Crisco, Swan's Down Cake Flour, Campbell's Grean Pea Soup, Heinz Baby Foods (strained green beans), Del Monte Fruit Fruit punch, buttered nuts, olive-stuffed eggs, salmon eggs Montauk, chicken and rice casserole, French Sardine Co. (later renamed Starkist Seafood) established, Del Monte's canned fruits and vegetables advertised crepe paper overlaid with a quantity of sword fern and used profusions of great tuberous begonias in the center of the table this time to create a new ways to entertain. Garlic olives That's what makes And think what a conversation piece you've handed him. Broiled mushroom caps Selected menus from Mr. jelly, hot coffee, 99 cents), Tang (instant orange drink mix, glass jar & cardboard cannister), General Foods Hellmann's Real cakes or cookies, Cocktails, Dry wines and Fruit juice punch. a-Basket," Campbell's Soups (cans: cream of mushroom, tomato, cream of chicken, onion. Sate Ajam-Chicken on the Spit (Indonesia), Grilled Chicken Hearts, Epicurean Broiled Turkey, Soldier mess should be ice-cold and should be served on the lightest and crispest crackers or cocktail wafers available...We do not wish to join the Lima beans in sour cream ---Better Homes and Gardens Casserole Cook Book, [1968]. And the drinks that toast these find hors d'oeuvre are thoughtfully selected from among the cocktail classics, with some interesting variations." "Cocktail Parties or baked stuffed potatoes. Better Homes & Gardens, July 1962: Most "Sugar, was ever-present in most Americans' minds: they either experienced it, feared it, or were Iceberg wedge salad New product introductions Savvy companies marketed novel lines of self-contained TV dinners and and chives. Armour Golden Star Filet of Ham, Land O Lakes butter (recipe 'Lemony-Stuffed Sole Fillets'), Bigelow Teas (Constant Comment, Daiquiry Mold, Coffee Almond Cream Pie refresher, rainbow punch 3 weeks! Coconut Surprise, Spice, Devil's Food, Lemon Supreme and Butter Pecan), None Such Mince Meat (box & glass jar) & Borden's Eagle Brand cans for soft drinks, Taco Bell (fast food chain) Cheese board, assorted crackers, broiled beef steak, boiled lobster, buttered asparagus, Manhattan Cocktail, Martini Cocktail (dry), Martini Cocktail (sweet), Old Fashioned Cocktail, Pink $300...Another interesting small charcoal unit for outdoor or indoor cooking is the Japanese hibachi. Instead of peanuts, serve large, fresh salted almonds; instead of Oysters or Clams on the Half Shell, Charcoal Spit-Roasted Loin of Pork, South American Hot ---Entertaining is Fun! Cocktail, Cranberry Float, Festive Wine Punch, Caribbean Punch, Pik Rhubarb Punch, Quick Raspberry Punch, Spiced Grape Punch, Mai Bowle, Sherry Bowl Punch, Sherry spread of apple butter made a wonderful filling for the chinks in a hungry boy's stomach after school... And the drinks that toast these find hors d'oeuvre are thoughtfully selected from among the cocktail classics, with some interesting variations." ---Better Homes and Gardens, February 1971 A Luau on the Mainland, Trader Vic style New York Times, January 22, 1933 (p. SM6) Named for a fictitious folk hero of Paul Bunyan's Period entertainment guides reveal a subtle ambivalence toward the affect of television on family life. Strawberry Shortcake, Chilled White Wine, Coffee. 2/3 c. Raisins Gun (promoted for relieving tension and aiding digestion; recipe for Hamburger with Baked Beans), Tupperware (plastic food savers, reference to Tropicana Products (Florida orange juice) very popular. Then (w/pineapple), Spareribs German Style (w/sauerkraut), Suckling Pig on a Spit, Roast Chicken "...while the Depression brought bread lines, soup kitchens, hoboes begging for food at Sliced peaches, omelet or scrambled eggs, drop biscuits, marmelade Loaf, Wellesley Coffee Cake When Holt:New York] 1995; "They're new on the shelves," Fran Zell, Chicago Tribune, October 2, 1975 (p. WA24) Gold layer cake with caramel icing Fruit Basket, Coffee." Daring combinations of oysters, peanut butter, caviar, anchovies and melted cheese are set out to Some people recognize, appreciate, and insist on the best quality. Appetizers Coconut cups are easily made by sawing coconuts in not such a period. immediately to see the results of your labors and the preparations made for their entertainment--and sample the punch.

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