Today they have been normalised,” he said.James Lewis QC, cross-examining, put it to Ellsberg that hundreds, possibly thousands, of individuals had been placed in jeopardy as a result of Wikileaks’ publications.He suggested that some had probably been murdered and many had to flee their countries of origin.Mr Ellsberg replied: “It does not seem to me at all obvious that the small number of people among all of those murdered in those countries can be attributed to the WikiLeaks disclosures.”.Just £5 a month gives you the opportunity to win one of 17 prizes, from HUNDREDS of thousands of leaked documents published by Wikileaks caused no harm to US informants, Julian Assange’s extradition hearing was told today.Investigative journalist John Goetz, who worked with Wikileaks while at news website Der Spiegel in Germany, said: “I don’t know of any case of anyone coming to harm from the publication of the diplomatic cables.“This question of harm was the central issue in the Chelsea Manning trial and, as far as I know, I don’t know of any case of any specific incident where harm has been shown from the release of the documents.”.Giving evidence by video link at the Old Bailey, Mr Goetz said that he worked closely with Assange and other media partners on the Afghan war documents leak in 2010.Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, 89, who was prosecuted under the Espionage Act in the US in 1971 over the leaking of top secret documents relating to the Vietnam war, told the court he did not believe Assange’s actions had led to anyone being harmed.He said: “The most shocking aspect of the Wikileaks revelations is that corruption, torture and assassination have become so common that they are not even classified top secret.“Wikileaks’ revelations are amongst the most important truthful revelations of hidden criminal state behaviour that have been made public in US history. The political relevance of documents and their verisimilitude will be revealed by a cast of thousands.However, WikiLeaks established an editorial policy that accepted only documents that were "of political, diplomatic, historical or ethical interest" (and excluded "material that is already publicly available").The legal status of WikiLeaks is complex. Fighting Fund, we can continue to thumb our noses at the fat cats and printing, distribution and staff costs — help keep our paper thriving by tell truth to power.Donate today and make a regular contribution.We're a reader-owned co-operative, which means you can become part of the paper too by buying shares in the People’s Press Printing Society.Supporters of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange take part in a protest outside the Old Bailey,Kurdish farmers suffer horrific injuries after being thrown from military helicopter,The government is to blame for the second wave,Government ‘ends’ rail franchising to keep railways running through Covid-19 pandemic,Editorial: We need a zero-Covid strategy – the government must be made to change course. Joe Biden chose California Senator Kamala Harris as his Vice President nominee. By Jim Hoft Published August 11, 2020 at 8:48pm Share on Facebook (13k) Tweet Share Email Print. You can find more details at.WikiLeaks publishes documents of political or historical importance that are censored or otherwise suppressed. ",The inherent peril in trusting whatever WikiLeaks dumps on us,"In the Democratic Echo Chamber, Inconvenient Truths Are Recast as Putin Plots","Tech blogger finds proof DNC chief's emails weren't 'doctored' despite claims",How Russian disinformation could be driving the Hillary Clinton WikiLeaks email scandal,"Trump allies, WikiLeaks and Russia are pushing a nonsensical conspiracy theory about the DNC hacks","How Seth Rich's death became an Internet conspiracy theory","Homicides remain steady in the Washington region","How the Murder of a D.N.C. No technical knowledge is required. We are the global experts in source protection – it is a complex field. Money from shares contributes directly to keep our joining!The Morning Star is a readers’ co-operative, which means you can become But will Russians get to read about it? BREAKING: Wikileaks Posts 137 Documents on Kamala Harris Hours After She Is Named Joe Biden’s Running Mate. €298,057.38 of the remainder was received in April.WikiLeaks posted its first document in December 2006, a decision to assassinate Somali government officials signed by rebel leader Sheikh,In January 2009, WikiLeaks released 86 telephone intercept recordings of Peruvian politicians and businessmen involved in the,In mid-February 2010, WikiLeaks received a leaked diplomatic cable from the United States Embassy in Reykjavik relating to the,On 29 July 2010 WikiLeaks added an "Insurance file" to the Afghan War Diary page. Early releases included documentation of equipment expenditures and holdings in the,In 2016, WikiLeaks released nearly 300,000 emails it described as coming from Turkey's ruling,WikiLeaks has drawn criticism for its alleged absence of whistleblowing on or criticism of Russia, and for criticising the.The domain name was registered on 4 October 2006.WikiLeaks was originally established with a ".Despite some popular confusion, related to the fact both sites use the "wiki" name and website design template, WikiLeaks and Wikipedia are not affiliated.On 26 September 2018, it was announced that Julian Assange had appointed,According to the WikiLeaks website, its goal is "to bring important news and information to the public ... One of our most important activities is to publish original source material alongside our news stories so readers and historians alike can see evidence of the truth." Technical users can also use.If you have any issues talk to WikiLeaks. Its website, initiated in 2006 in Iceland by the organisation Sunshine Press, claimed in 2015 to have released online 10 million documents in its first 10 years. (See our Tor tab for more information.) Since it launched in 2006, Wikileaks has become renowned for publishing thousands of classified documents covering everything from the film industry to national security and wars. Even those who mean well often do not have the experience or expertise to advise properly. ","WikiLeaks, the New Information Cultures and Digital Parrhesia","UN human rights chief voices concern at reported 'cyber war' against WikiLeaks","Julian Assange like a hi-tech terrorist, says Joe Biden","Assange is a 'hi-tech terrorist', says Biden","Analysis: WikiLeaks founder unlikely to be extradited soon","Donald Trump, Julian Assange, and the Control of the Republican Mind","How some Republicans learned to stop worrying and love Julian Assange","Trump in 2010: WikiLeaks 'disgraceful,' there 'should be like death penalty or something,"Trump Claims "I Know Nothing About WikiLeaks" Despite Praising Site Repeatedly in 2016","Trump, Palin break with GOP, warm up to Assange","Tulsi Gabbard: The U.S. Government's Treatment of Wikileaks Will 'Have a Chilling Effect on Investigative Reporting,"2020 Democrat says Assange arrest is 'slippery slope' for journalists, Americans","Julian Assange wins EU journalism award","Congress Mulls How to Stop WikiLeaks in Its Tracks","U.S. tries to contain damage from WikiLeaks disclosures","Bill Clinton: WikiLeaks will cost lives","Clinton blasts 'deeply distressing' leak of US sites","Outrage and Apologies: Washington Fights to Rebuild Battered Reputation","Open letter to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange: "A bad precedent for the Internet's future,"Mass Hacks of Private Emails Aren't Whistleblowing, They Are at Odds with It","CIA chief calls WikiLeaks a 'hostile intelligence service,"US prepares charges to seek Julian Assange's arrest – CNNPolitics","Palantir Apologizes For WikiLeaks Attack Proposal, Cuts Ties With HBGary","Spy Games: Inside the Convoluted Plot to Bring Down WikiLeaks","Anonymous: US security firms 'planned to attack WikiLeaks,"Palantir's third black eye: i2 lawsuit settled","More facts emerge about the leaked smear campaigns","Unlocking Secrets, if Not Its Own Value","Copycat WikiLeaks sites make waves – Features","Official (inactive) Web site, for OpenLeaks","Vanaf vandaag: anoniem lekken naar media via doorgeefluik Publeaks","Handling ethical problems in counterterrorism An inventory of methods to support ethical decisionmaking","Argentina: Judge orders all ISPs to block corruption reporting website","Argentina: Judge orders all ISPs to block the sites and","We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks","DreamWorks lines up WikiLeaks film based on Guardian book","Shadowed, Clamoring, Blurry. be listened to, coverage of stories that would otherwise be buried.The rich don’t like us, and they don’t advertise with us, so we rely on Please review these basic guidelines.If you have a very large submission, or a submission with a complex format, or are a high-risk source, please,If the computer you are uploading from could subsequently be audited in an investigation, consider using a computer that is not easily tied to you. In response to concerns about the possibility of misleading or fraudulent leaks, WikiLeaks has stated that misleading leaks "are already well-placed in the mainstream media. … Post","Wikileaks' Podesta Email Release Reveals Massive Clinton 'Hits' File on Sanders","Hillary often lies, Chelsea a spoiled brat","WikiLeaks: Julian Assange's Internet access 'cut,"Hacked 80-page roundup of paid speeches shows Clinton 'praising Wall Street,"Donald Trump Finds Improbable Ally in WikiLeaks","Cia Reportedly Preparing Major Cyber Assault Against Russia in Wake of Hack Attacks","WikiLeaks publishes more Podesta emails after Ecuador cuts Assange's Internet","Ecuador admits restricting Internet access for WikiLeaks over election meddling","Comment la CIA a espionné la présidentielle française de 2012","WikiLeaks releases secret 'CIA spy orders' exposing surveillance of French election","La CIA s'est intéressée de près à la campagne présidentielle française de 2012","WikiLeaks: CIA ordered spying on French 2012 election","WikiLeaks claims to release thousands of CIA documents","How the CIA Can Hack Your Phone, PC, and TV (Says WikiLeaks)","Vault 7: CIA hacking tools were used to spy on iOS, Android and Samsung smart TVs","WikiLeaks posts trove of CIA documents detailing mass hacking","Vault 7: Wikileaks reveals details of CIA's hacks of Android, iPhone Windows, Linux, MacOS, and even Samsung TVs","Emmanuel Macron's campaign hacked on eve of French election","U.S. Far-Right Activists Promote Hacking Attack Against Macron","French election: Emmanuel Macron condemns 'massive' hack attack","U.S. far-right activists, WikiLeaks and bots help amplify Macron leaks: researchers","France starts probing 'massive' hack of emails and documents reported by Macron campaign","Macron Campaign Says It Was Target of 'Massive' Hacking Attack","French candidate Macron claims massive hack as emails leaked","French Candidate Emmanuel Macron Says Campaign Has Been Hacked, Hours Before Election","No evidence of Russia behind Macron leaks: report","WikiLeaks releases files that appear to offer details of Russian surveillance system","Is it the Kremlin's turn to get WikiLeaked? And With Reason","WikiLeaks leaks 'Fifth Estate' script, calls it 'irresponsible, counterproductive, and harmful,"Annotated Transcript of "We Steal Secrets" by Alex Gibney","Swedish man jailed in Ecuador over alleged WikiLeaks involvement","Ecuador arrests Ola Bini, Swedish software developer said to be tied to Julian Assange, trying to 'flee country,Spying on United Nations leaders by United States diplomats,,Internet services shut down by a legal challenge,Organizations associated with Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections,Pages containing links to subscription-only content,Articles with dead external links from March 2015,Short description is different from Wikidata,Wikipedia pages semi-protected against vandalism,Articles containing potentially dated statements from October 2018,All articles containing potentially dated statements,Articles containing potentially dated statements from June 2009,Wikipedia articles needing clarification from April 2019,Wikipedia articles in need of updating from April 2019,All Wikipedia articles in need of updating,Articles with unsourced statements from October 2011,Articles with unsourced statements from April 2016,Articles with unsourced statements from October 2017,Wikipedia articles in need of updating from October 2016,Wikipedia articles in need of updating from March 2019,Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from April 2019,Articles containing potentially dated statements from April 2013,All articles with vague or ambiguous time,Wikipedia articles with WorldCat identifiers,Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License,English, but the source documents are in their original language,Leakymails is a project designed to obtain and publish relevant documents exposing corruption of the political class and the powerful in,This page was last edited on 22 September 2020, at 04:21. Topics . Politico reported: Advertisement - story continues below. You can only access this submissions system through Tor. WikiLeaks (/ ˈ w ɪ k i l iː k s /) is an international non-profit organisation that publishes news leaks and classified media provided by anonymous sources. ","Guantánamo files lift lid on world's most controversial prison","Syria files: Wikileaks releases 2m 'embarrassing' emails","WikiLeaks Announces Massive Release With The 'Syria Files': 2.4 Million Emails From Syrian Officials And Companies","Cables Released by WikiLeaks Reveal Saudis' Checkbook Diplomacy","WikiLeaks Begins Releasing Leaked Saudi Arabia Cables","NSA spied on French presidents: WikiLeaks","Hollande Condemns Spying by U.S., but Not Too Harshly","Wikileaks release of TPP deal text stokes 'freedom of expression' fears","TPP leaked: Wikileaks releases intellectual property chapter of controversial internet and medicine-regulating trade agreement","Why it's entirely predictable that Hillary Clinton's emails are back in the news","How Much Did WikiLeaks Hurt Hillary Clinton?","U.S. At the time, DNC officials made such claims, along with a number of cybersecurity experts and cybersecurity firms.In September 2016, the German weekly magazine,In April 2016, WikiLeaks tweeted criticism of the,In 2012, as WikiLeaks was under a financial blockade, Assange began to host,After President Trump's National Security Advisor,In April 2017, the WikiLeaks Twitter account suggested that the,In May 2017, cybersecurity experts stated that they believed that groups affiliated with the Russian government were involved in the hacking and leaking of e-mails associated with the Emmanuel Macron campaign; these e-mails were published on.In September 2017, WikiLeaks released the "Spy Files Russia," which detailed Russian government surveillance of internet and cellphone users in the country.WikiLeaks has been accused of anti-semitism both in its Twitter activity and hiring decisions.WikiLeaks has been criticised for making misleading claims about the contents of its leaks.WikiLeaks has drawn criticism for violating the personal privacy of individuals and inadequately curating its content. paper thriving.Some union branches have taken out shares of over £500 and individuals How does WikiLeaks operate? BCC: intel community 'confident' Russia directed hacks to influence election","No, John Podesta didn't drink bodily fluids at a secret Satanist dinner","WikiLeaks Fuels Conspiracy Theories About DNC Staffer's Death",How Julian Assange turned WikiLeaks into Trump's best friend,"President Erdogan emails: What is in the Wikileaks release about Turkey's government? The Courage Foundation is an international organisation dedicated to the protection of journalistic sources. an owner of the paper too by buying shares in the society.Shares are £1 each — though unlike capitalist firms, each shareholder That's the Wrong Question" in.Jim Sciutto, Nicole Gaouette and Ryan Browne (14 October 2016).Wikimedia Foundation § Projects and initiatives,Julian Assange § United States criminal investigation,National Newspaper Publishers Association,Standard Operating Procedures for Camp Delta,2008 United States presidential election campaigns,e-mail correspondence between climate scientists,Reactions to the United States diplomatic cables leak,WikiLeaks: Inside Julian Assange's War on Secrecy,2016 Democratic National Committee email leak,e-mails purported to be from Emmanuel Macron's campaign,System for Operative Investigative Activities,Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons,Center for Strategic and International Studies,Democratic National Committee v. Russian Federation,Awards and Nominations for Wikileaks § Awards,Classified information in the United States,Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections," Traffic, Demographics and Competitors – Alexa","What is the effect of WikiLeaks for Freedom of Information? Users can publicly discuss documents and analyse their credibility and veracity. Report on Extra-Judicial Killings and Disappearances","Amnesty announces Media Awards 2009 winners","5 pioneering Web sites that could totally change the news","Julian Assange: Readers' Choice for TIME's Person of the Year 2010","Ministers must 'wise up not clam up' after WikiLeaks disclosures","Media says government's reaction to WikiLeaks 'troubling,"Wikileaks shows up our media for their docility at the feet of authority","WikiLeaks reveals more than just government secrets","First, They Came for WikiLeaks. It aims at preserving your privacy and anonymity.The Courage Foundation is an international organisation that supports those who risk life or liberty to make significant contributions to the historical record.Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks; managing transactions and the issuing of bitcoins is carried out collectively by the network.http://rpzgejae7cxxst5vysqsijblti4duzn3kjsmn43ddi2l3jblhk4a44id.onion (,Copy this address into your Tor browser. Later in April Ecuador detained Ola Bini and froze his bank accounts saying that he was under investigation for cyber-attack charges. In particular, you should try to stick to your normal routine and behaviour.If you are a high-risk source and the computer you prepared your submission on, or uploaded it from, could subsequently be audited in an investigation, we recommend that you format and dispose of the computer hard drive and any other storage media you used.In particular, hard drives retain data after formatting which may be visible to a digital forensics team and flash media (USB sticks, memory cards and SSD drives) retain data even after a secure erasure. ","An Interview With WikiLeaks' Julian Assange","Wikileaks: Is Julian Assange a hero, villain or simply dangerously naïve? Users can read and write explanatory articles on leaks along with background material and context. The following is the address of our secure site where you can anonymously upload your documents to WikiLeaks editors. Share Via. ","Bank of America's Risky WikiLeaks Strategy","Some of WikiLeaks' Bank of America data destroyed","WikiLeaks ready to drop a bombshell on Russia. has an equal say. ",Chemical weapons watchdog OPCW defends Syria report as whistleblower claims bias,"The Syrian conflict is awash with propaganda – chemical warfare bodies should not be caught up in it","Wikileaks given data on Swiss bank accounts","Whistleblowers on US 'massacre' fear CIA stalkers","WikiLeaks works to expose government secrets, but Web site's sources are a mystery","WikiLeaks founder: Site getting tons of 'high caliber' disclosures","Wikileaks' Julian Assange to fight Swedish allegations","Bank of America rumored to be in WikiLeaks' crosshairs","Bank of America Stock Steadies After WikiLeaks-Related Drop","WikiLeaks' Next Target: Bank of America? For a list of Wikimedia projects, see,Allegations of anti-Clinton and pro-Trump bias.Correspondence between WikiLeaks and Donald Trump Jr.Exaggerated and misleading descriptions of the contents of leaks,Inadequate curation and violations of personal privacy,Internal conflicts and lack of transparency,Lawsuit by the Democratic National Committee,Public positions taken by politicians concerning Wikileaks.Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.Kelly McBridge, "What Is WikiLeaks? We offer a platform for those who would otherwise never ","Wikileaks and untraceable document disclosure","What is Wikileaks? Users can discuss interpretations and context and collaboratively formulate collective publications. We specialise in strategic global publishing and large archives.The following is the address of our secure site where you can anonymously upload your documents to WikiLeaks editors.