ff2,1. ff2,1 (Doesnt work anymore on some characters for some reason after s2), df2,1 df1~f SAVuf3 df4,1~f SAV1,1 S! Long reaching safe homing high kick which instantly produces S! The elbow is high and the string does not jail which means the second hit can be ducked and launch punished so use this either sparingly or after conditioning the opponent before hand. His d/f+1 strings offers good mental pressure; d/f+1,1 is a NC that leaves him with frame advantage after hit. SAV 2 deals 27 dmg and has great range although it is -12 if blocked. Great resource and a wealth of knowledge spanning many Tekken games to which I’ve been a lurker since Tekken 6 lol. This will punish moves such as Heihachi’s f,f+2 where every other move whiffs.i17 – f+4,2 (35 dmg) – NC with slow startup but excellent range. Life saver when it comes to time (although there is an error on Miguel’s section). These Miguel combos are the ones that are easy enough that you won't drop much and has pretty good. Good for side steppers and an effective whiff punishing tool. These Miguel combos are the ones that are … Requires # ... Tekken 7 Combo is an unofficial website - Tekken and its characters are a registered trademark and copyright of the NAMCO BANDAI GAMES Inc. If you are a freshman, you can check out our special guide about controls in Tekken 7 combo list before reading combo’s formulas below. His sidestep can get him out of the worse trouble so learn to use it effectively. Tekken 7 Miguel Guide Posted February 18, 2020 August 31, 2020 alext96 Posted in Tekken 7 Legend SAV = Savage Stance (3+4) (~f) = Holding forward transitions into Savage Stance MMC = Miguel Mini Combo (followup f,f+2 series or ws+4; d+4,1+2) Miguel Caballero RojoIntro: The Manliest Man Alive Miguel is a brawler in every … Law’s Slide Kick), but sometimes may not hit depending on your timing and block range. This is achieved through delayable strings and pokes leading to CH, long limbs for catching the enemy off guard and unconventional hitboxes and animations for throwing the opponent off. If the last punch hits a crouching opponent then they enter an untechable knockdown/standup animation: during which they able to block but are at a whopping -30 frame disadvantage. Although the second hit is high, if the counter hit lands then it creates a crumble animation to which you can get a full combo as well. Finally, FC d/f+4 is a damaging sweep with phenomenal range to which you can follow up with a f,f+2,1. Although he has options after the second punch you’re actually able to duck this hit and get a launcher before any of his 3rd options come out. Leaves the opponent standing at range 1 while Miguel is +5. The most effective way to nullify Miguel’s offense and avoid scary situations is to maintain distance away from Miguel throughout the match. Doing this will make the Miguel player more hesitant to use his unsafe options next time, and his offense will stagnate when you train him not to use these moves. & S! These are gonna be your low pokes that utilize Miguel’s length to chip away at the opponent. Tekken Zaibatsu forum. Tekken 7 > Miguel. SAV 1,4 is a NCC that causes wallsplat. Miguel is a high risk high reward character; while he does have a good poking game, he is most effective when the user can make good reads and cause the opponent to guard incorrectly or prematurely attack leading to big chunks of damage. Use any of these moves to apply pressure while in SAV stance. Deciding between 2 or 3 as the final third hit in the string can offer up a 50/50 option as well. If the opponent is very offensive or attempts to jab after a d/f+1 then follow the first row. Please, follow us on Facebook and Twitter or join our special Discord server to meet other great people from the fighting games community! Foes who are experienced with fighting Miguel will often look to parry the low kick ender by default which means they’ll often eat the 2 ender. I have lost many times but … Typical Miguel pressure leans towards throwing this out often so interrupting an inevitable follow up move that the Miguel player will do after the blocked mid punch should disrupt his entire offense. Long reaching NC homing mid that knocks down. Mix this up with the aforementioned d/f+1 strings or punish frequent jabs with this move to interrupt the opponent and score great damage. Tekken is a 3D fighting game first released in 1994, with Tekken 7 being the latest instalment. This is reflected in his custody of his sister. Nevertheless, His limited options makes his punishing game fairly straightforward.Standing Block Punishment: (Credit: Macrorang). If you catch an opponent in the air then the punch also spirals. Its often advisable to resist chasing & wait for the enemy to come in your space (range 0 or 1) so that you may retaliate with his full arsenal of normal & SAV moves when he’s able to reach the opponent. If the opponent is at range (0-1) use Ws+1 over Ws+4. ... is a natural combo string, a new addition to Tekken 7… Extremely slow sequence so you have more than enough time to mentally prepare you’re best 13 frame punisher while in block stun. B+1 11 frame high poke which, during CH, produces a crumble animation and gives a full combo. ff2,1 (does same damage with combo above and works better), f4,(ch)2 S! Furthermore, Miguel is tall and has a bigger than normal hurtbox so don’t be afraid to do your best combos that may whiff against smaller characters. As mentioned earlier, avoid being predictable/throwing this out too often as the 2nd hit is high and the string does not jail. It … SSR! Ducks highs during the startup of the first punch and the last punch often catches opponents off guard. Another option if the opponent is being defensive is to cancel/opt out of SAV stance transition (such as after a d/f+1) and use his d/f+1+2 command throw to continue the pressure/guessing game. Lastly, The final low kick on d/f+1,1,3 is heavily delayable and knocks down on CH offering oki opportunity such as a d+3 stomp or the ability to go into SAV for a follow up SAV d/f+2. If you are not confident in punishing -14 moves that may have pushback, perform standing 4 as the punish instead.i15 – u/f+4 – Launcher. He is also incredibly cocky and has a huge ego. Marduk is an extremely violent and short-tempered individual. f+2+3 ender will hit, but d+1+2 will not pending on the range it’s blocked). Lars 4 / Miguel 6: 11.1% of the votes. More on that throw in the following section. Miguel takes a step forward while performing this launcher giving it surprising good range. ; SSR ; SAV u/f+3 ; d/f+4,1~f ; d/b+2 ; d+4,1+2 – 61 dmg, W! Mix this throw in after a d/f+1 or SAV d/b+3 lands for mixup pressure. Ws+1 is more damaging, +8 on hit (vs Ws+4’s +5) and can go into SAV stance making it a better option than Ws+4 barring reach. Four kanji appear on the screen (一瞬千撃', Isshun Sengeki, "One instant/blink, thousand hits"). Burla (hold), , r r , right kick 2x right move for Miguel in Tekken 7 execution, strategy guide, tips and tricks. Always go with this punisher if range permits unless your opponent is specifically -10 after a blocked move.i12 – 4 (17 dmg); Use this for certain moves that have push back on block. Learn from your mistakes. r/Tekken serves as a discussion hub for all things Tekken, from gameplay, fanart, cosplays and lore to competitive strategy and the Tekken … In this situation, it will evade most high jabs, knock down your opponent and get you out of heavy pressure. Shorter reach than 1,2 however it deals more damage, jails, and leaves you with greater advantage on hit (27 dmg and +7 on hit). d/b+1 is a high crushing low that allows you to follow up with a MMC. r/Tekken serves as a discussion hub for all things Tekken, from gameplay and lore to competitive strategy and the Tekken esports scene. He grew up in a conservative family and is committed to family values. i10 – d+1 – sit jab punish for moves that leave you in crouch on block (i.e. 14 frame punisher. Rage Art: Rage art that hits mid. A mid knee followed by a high kick which is a NC, jails, safe on block, and the second hit is very delayable. SAV 1,1 is a NC that knocks down and guarantees a follow up d+4,1+2. He is very angry with Jin Kazama because his sister was killed in the bombing by the Mishima Zaibatsu. The Original Savage:Key Moves into SAV stance. Made with the season 2 changes. Very viable punish where all else fails in that it punishes Paul’s deathfist, demolition man and his d+1,2. Tekken 7 Miguel Guide Miguel Caballero Rojo Intro: The Manliest Man Alive. The aim should always be to get a CH from this move. SAV 2SAV d/f+2If you find yourself already in the SAV stance and you see your opponent whiffing then use these moves to catch them in the act. Opponent. SAV d/f+2 deals 23 dmg, ducks under jabs, hits grounded opponents and launches crouching or standing opponents however it is launch punishable on block. i13 – d/f+1,1 (25 dmg; +5 on hit and -3 on block; SAV opportunity/mix-ups. Outside of his homing moves and a few other options he is extremely vulnerable to opponents who sidestep to his right so keep this in mind. Great for round ending damage or hitting grounded opponents. This is his best tool for oki when used as a combo ender and getting into SAV while the opponent is downed. b3:i30 mid +7/+7/Launch it has better range than uf1.You can hold F for entering savage stance.I recommend always entering savage stance because you can get much better combo that way. r/Tekken is a community-run subreddit for Bandai Namco Entertainment's Tekken franchise. One of the best hopkicks in the game due to its range (-13 on block).i16 – d/f+2,1 (Launcher; -15 on block; can be a bit iffy range wise from certain attacks like Paul’s qcf+2). Follow the 4th row if you see this happening. Safe, wall splats, and on block this move has interesting properties: it ranges from -7~+2 depending on how much distant Miguel covered before impacting a blocking opponent. At times, Miguel’s d/f+1 (13 frames) will not reach pending on the range the move was blocked. Tekken 7 News.com Bob Richards. DUCK = opponent tends to ducks after d/f+1, SSL = opponent sidesteps to Miguel’s Right, SSR = opponent sidesteps to Miguel’s Left, R = reset to either a d/f+1 or SAV d/f+1 if applicable to continue the pressure. Sav d/f+2 is a damaging launcher with phenomenal range but it is launch punishable (Although if the opponent blocks it at its furthest range then the pushback will make many punishers whiff). Use this string for -13 moves that 2,1 cannot reach). I f they fail to back roll after being hit by this then you’re able to get a free follow up hit on the downed opponent. It is however launch punishabl e so avoid being too predictable with it. If they throw out a move in between the string you’ll land a CH (+2 dmg)->+ frames, or if they duck after the first kick then you’ll land the hit + free followup/mixup pressure from the staggered opponent. Another tip is to be patient. Swift, safe mid punch that is +8 on hit with the ability to transition to SAV. Jails after the first hit.i11 – 2,1 – Your go-to 11-12 frame punisher. The main 2 uses of this move (outside of combo filler) is to catch opponents side stepping to Miguel’s weak right side and to close the distant to your opponent.d+4,1+2~f. Oki opportunity if opponent is hit near the wall. Timing can be strict at times. Lili’s BT 1+2 (-10~-9 OC))i11~i12 – ws+1: (+8~+9 on hit. Legend SAV = Savage Stance (3+4) (~f) = Holding forward transitions into Savage Stance MMC = Miguel Mini Combo (followup f,f+2 series or ws+4; d+4,1+2). Mixing up lows and mids is a good way to chip off damage and keep opponents on their heels. All in all, its optimum use usually serves as as whiff punisher or to quickly close the distance. When the opponent is close then you are at frame disadvantage, but if you are at range 4 then it will be anywhere from 0~+2 on block. Other than that, His most damaging lows out of SAV (d/b+3,d/b+4) are both slow & punishable so if you telegraph those then respond accordingly. This string has a higher chance of counter hitting opponents who are more offensive or those who try to jab Miguel out of his mixups. ; f,f+2,1 – 74 dmg, SAV 1+2 ; f,f+3 ; S! r/Tekken serves as a discussion hub for all things Tekken, from gameplay, fanart, cosplays and lore to competitive strategy and the Tekken … Your primary 11~12 frame while standing punishers. u/f+4; d/b+2 ; d/f+1~f ; SAV d/f+1 ; d/f+2,2; S! Evades highs and knocks down the opponent with enough stun for a guaranteed grounded hit; for instance, if there is enough of an angle upon hit you are able to get a free follow up d+4,1+2. Extremely potent and underrated move. Keep in mind however that it can be sidestepped, and throwing it out at the range where its positive on block makes it more vulnerable to being whiffed to which Miguel could consequently eat a lot of retaliatory damage. F+4,2-13 after the second hit. Your initial impression about the big guy wasn’t as accurate, was it? He is very brash and tends to be quite unkind to others around him. NC which delivers 2 mid pokes for (11,14) dmg. Recommended choice over ws+1 due to longer range. i11 - ws+1 (21 DMG, +8~+9 on hit), ws+4 is also 11~12, same DMG but ws+1 got better + frame and transition to SAV by holding F, only use ws+4 as a punish if ws+1 cannot reach. Miguel is a brawler in every sense o f the term. If you want more info on Miguel’s combo’s then check the links below:Practical combos,rage mechanics, floor breaking, etc:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDNf9u6mS38. A running shoulder tackle that covers a lot of ground and deals 30 dmg. These properties make this combination a very effective string in Miguel’s arsenal. ; dash ; SAV u/f+3 ; d/f+1 ; d/b+2 ; d/f+1 ; f,f+2,1 – 80 dmg, SAV d/f+2 ; SAV u/f+3 ; d/f+1 ; d/f+4,1 ; d/f+2,2 ; S! The string doesn’t appear as though he’s positive on hit which makes it easy to CH opponents after it lands. If you are in the ws state while the opponent is outside of range 1 then use Ws+4 because it has longer reach.i14 – ws+2,2_ws+2,4: Elbow launcher for ws+2,2 and ws+2,4 is a tailspin launcher. Tekken Chicken App. Miguel is a brawler in every sense o f the term. Miguel can’t hit confirm this string so they have to commit if they want to use it. Short range. His offense is, in many ways, more mental than it is physical in that his tools conditions the opponent to be defensive and respect Miguel thus making him much scarier than he actually is. One is mostly used to break through attacks, while the other one can mitigate even the strongest combos. SAV d/b+3 is sneaky low with stellar range, tracks decently to both left & right, gives great frame advantage on normal hit and knocks down for a free follow up on counter hit. On hit the second high punch has the same amount of + frames as a single d/f+1 and the ability to go into SAV as well. Here, we're focusing on only the unique, character-specific parts you can purchase (or unlock) while playing the various modes of Tekken 7. F,f+2,1 If you can telegraph this combination then be sure to duck the second high to get a free launcher. It can launch running slides (ex. http://www.tekkenzaibatsu.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=132612GodTierKing for his combos post.http://www.tekkenzaibatsu.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=132240&perpage=20&pagenumber=11. This safe mid poke is the move you’ll throw out the most in a single... Key Moves/Mixups in SAV stance. Use this move to quickly go into sav stance for some quick mixups. You can use f+1+2; f+2+3 for moves that Miguel’s d+1+2 cannot hit (Example: Law’s 3,3 is -14 on block. It is mainly used to ground and halt the opponent and serves as his primary gateway move to get into sav stance (by holding forward) to begin his pressure. On June 2, 2017, Tekken 7 released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. My go-to SAV mixup is a quick SAV d/b+3 into a d/f+1. His gameplay on the surface level is straightforward; he excels in bullying the opponent with effective pokes into strong mixup options and once he’s on the offensive he can get into opponent’s head with his counter hit designed game which can quickly take chunks of the opponent’s health and leave them wondering how they lost. On hit; it delivers a whooping 33 (CH: 39) damage and a full combo which can produce a huge amount of damage. Also note that the move’s hitbox can be real funky, Feng can go right under and past an opponent in some situations. Apply this knowledge to disrupt Miguel’s bread n butter offense. This low that leads to the most damage in comparison to the others + oki and it is difficult to block on reaction despite its slow startup. Nearly all of his mid-long range keep out moves have extremely bad recovery so you’ll be at an advantage if you can keep Miguel out of 0~1 range. It does however give you + frames on both block & hit so mix this in to apply good offensive pressure before going into the SAV stance. F,f+2,2Mid punch variation of the same move. Try not to abuse these moves.D+1+2If you’re standing around range 3 and the opponent whiffs then throw this out and deal an instant 30 pts of dmg. Use d/f+4,1 for certain moves that f+1+2 can’t reach). The move doesn’t technically jail but opponents can’t interrupt it after a block. Miguel is subpar when it comes to block punishment as his <14 punishers doesn’t yield much damage nor range and his longer range punishers are rather slow in comparison to other characters. If the first strike is blocked then you can either choose to end the string (since the first blow is also safe) or you can fish for a CH with the second hit because of the ability to delay it. Miguel by Tayyab Miguel (Added on 09/29/2019) SAV dash. F+4,2If you see a whiff in progress you can use this on reaction since the range is good and it has tracking.