Since then there has been very little aggression. I bought 2 male guppies for my 20 gallon tank along with 2 more corys. You can add a lot of plants or the plastic plants. I have all my fry in a 10 gallon tank. The only time chasing should be of concern is if the males outnumber the females. Aggression in Platies can occur with sudden changes in the environment, improper male to female ratio, … You may notice that it’s not a male guppy that’s being aggressive, but one of the females. Posted by Randy N: However, female guppies can also be aggressive when they’re pregnant, or trying to establish dominance. Hi, I'm new to the world of aquariums. So maybe it is just age and she’s weakening fast. you want to keep the guppy feeling as safe as she can not under stress. So are guppies aggressive and do they attack each other? Giving them as much food as they can eat. Asides from this just follow the advice above. If you don’t have another fish tank handy, then you can always try returning your fish to the fish shop if they’ll have them. I’m not sure what kind of explanation you’re looking for. I thought fin rot is a sign of overall poor water quality so I’d assume all or at least a number of fish will show similar symptoms? One such question is “are guppies aggressive?”. 41 Posts . When aggression and fighting do occur it’s normally with members of their own species. Unfortunately, just like in the wild, your guppies aren’t going to feel sympathetic to each other. Would say it’s pretty normal to have these fish chase each other and there is going to be some tension between them but if fish are getting near that then it’s probably just safe to let it go. Get 1-2 more females so she has more guppies to chase, which spreads out her aggression to the point that no one is overly harrassed. The chances of a disease or illness overcoming your guppies while they’re weak and injured are much more likely. Age claims them eventually. This also gives your boy some girls to chase that don't terrify him. Artificial Aquatic Plants, PietyPet 7 Pcs Large Aquarium Plants Plastic Fish Tank Decorations, Vivid Simulation Plant Creature Aquarium Landscape, Red Purple, CNZ 6 Pcs Assorted Color Aquarium Plastic Plant Decoration w Ceramic Base. The most dominant female will often bully the other females to make sure she’s getting the most food. She is also now aggressive towards both the other female and male and is constantly chasing them and nipping at them. This becomes a lot more common if they’re not getting enough food, there’s not enough space in the tank, or they’re already pregnant. (Find out all the reasons your guppy may have died.). You could make a guess based on whether the features look fully grown, and guppies tend to get a little ragged as time goes on, but not with any accuracy that I know of. This way ensures they have enough space from each other and will reduce the chances of aggression. I would imagine that your guppies are just breeding. Long story short, I have 1 male guppy, 1 female guppy, 3 platys, and 2 guppy fry. The best way to control ammonia levels long term is having biological filtration. I have had one female guppy in there for a little over a month, and today I just added one more female guppy because my original one seemed lonely. Stress. Remember, if you don’t act when you notice aggression, then you could end up with a dead fish. While it occurs more in males, it doesn’t mean females won’t do it either (you’ll find out more about this later). This is because they’re trying to assert their dominance by scaring them and attacking them. Flowerhorn Tank Mates? Aggression is much more likely to occur when you have too many males and not enough females. When fish fight, it could mean the difference between life and death. It's passed, don't worry. She’s one of the first guppies I got. You should become concerned when the chasing also includes fin nipping, fighting, or when it’s relentless. I want to look too far into this because a lot of the fish in aquariums will chase each other and I just showing a little personality. Betta Fish Fighting - Everything You Want To Know! Although it is a possibility. While it’s not as likely that they’ll outright kill each other by attacking. or is it just because i only hvae two? All other guppies in this tank appear to be fine. When he is close enough, he will quickly extend his gonopodium, a long, narrow adaptation to the anal fin. Therefore, it’s best to keep guppies in a 1:4 male-to-female ratio. This is because male guppies can get a little aggressive with the pregnant female guppies, resulting in unwanted stress and potential pregnancy … The main reason that female guppies can become aggressive is Aggressive female guppy? That means 2 female guppies to each male guppy. A female guppy can become stressed if males harass her too much. To show who's the boss2. Piranha Fish Aquarium Size? The other reason is to stop being pestered all the time. You should be feeding your guppies for two minutes at a time. Discussion Starter • #1 • Sep 18, 2014. However, if you keep more males in the aquarium than the females, they can exhibit aggression. Most aquarists associate the sudden darkening of the eyes of a guppy to … *Awarded Answer I would buy one of those kits that has a bunch of multiple plants. What could be wrong with her? Her belly gets bulkier and forms a more square-like shape. Shouldn’t have ammonia in a cycled tank, but you can dose with prime which will bind ammonia into non toxic form for 48 hours. The reason the bloom is happening is you have available nutrients .. stop your water changes and washing the gravel and let the system do what it should do. This is not a sign of aggression. That is a big range, and the amount of guppy fry depends on the individual mother. Make sure the tank is cycled and has a filter and a heater, you can’t just flop her in a bowl and call it good). One of the best things you can do is remove the culprit altogether and move them to another tank. Especially known fin nippers like barbs, or from more aggressive fish like bettas or gouramis. And often when one becomes sick or diseased, they’ll just end up being killed by the other fish in your tank. Deterioration of the tail would be consistent with the dying process. If you do notice this then the best thing you can do is introduce more females into the tank. If you keep too many guppies together, then your guppies may feel sick, timid, stressed, or even become aggressive. Why Fish Chase & Fight Each Other (Mollies Guppies Cichlids)Fish fight, but why?1. Live bearers are always breeding and what they do is try to show off to each other. I’ve got around 30 adults and possible more juveniles in this tank. When a female is pregnant, she may become more aggressive, especially when it comes to feeding time. Agree with previous comments .. let the bloom run its course .. Babies can hide in that and all should be well. The males spend a lot of time chasing them, wanting to mate as many times as they can. Moreover, sudden changes in the water parameters can also play a key role in swordtail aggression. What could the problem or issue happening here? If you don’t remove a bully or aggressor, then the chances of another guppy in your tank dying are going to increase. But I can see the fries eyes in her the eyes are really cute. (And How To Reduce Aggression), How To Set Up A Guppy Tank (Complete Guide). You also need to make sure that you’re feeding your guppies enough. You can reduce the chance of aggression by adding lots of hiding spaces, making sure the tank is big enough, and making sure it’s not overcrowded. If the male fish become aggressive enough the female guppy could lose her fry – we explain more on that here! What you need to watch carefully for is to look at their tails in depth and see if the flesh is actually getting bitten into. When male harassment starts getting to female guppies, they end up taking their frustrations out on other females by spending less time with them and behaving more aggressively. 14 years ago. i don’t have a separate tank for her but I got one of those fry boxes that you can put in the tank. I was just wondering cause the 100+ babies I have are in a 27 gal tall tote till I can get the 55 set up for them to grow out in & it won’t be set up till SOMETIME next week. In fact, these fish are one of the most peaceful hardy fish that you can easily take care of. He might just a few of them but that’s kind of how it is I guess. This is why it’s so important to make sure bullying isn’t occurring in your tank. Male guppies tend to only have a lifespan of around 2-3 months. The right to Breed3. Wrote it off as a fluke accident until I caught her doing it again a week later. I wouldn’t worry too much if they aren’t hurting each other. Water change, small ones, each day till it levels out. If you have detectable ammonia levels you either need a larger biological filter, a longer cycle, or fewer fish. Otherwise have a great day! anyone notice a heirarchy between their females? You can also use ammonia reducer you buy at the store, I had this problem when I bought a new filter for my tank cuz the old one stopped working suddenly. Guppies’ female at the bottom and male . In between the two attacks she would swim right along side the guppies with zero signs of aggression. Another obvious sign that there is aggression occurring in your tank is if you notice a dead fish. (How-To Guide). Do Guppies Need A Heater? It must be a Livebearer thing. The first guppy gave birth (i think) over the weekend to 4-5, maybe more fry and still looks pregnant. Can fin rot affect only a single or just a few fish in a tank? And there’s actually a couple of reasons they do this. Swordtails are not at all aggressive. Like silver dollar fish or some small cichlids. 3 .In the wild Killifish are one of the natural predators of guppy fry. 1 Are Guppies Aggressive & Do They Fight? (Find out the best ways to set up a guppy tank.). When females are in the presence of an aggressive male, they have less time to spend with other females, probably because they are trying to escape from the … Next symptom is probably lethargic and then bent spine like TB. Females, on the other hand, can survive for around 2 years. You can’t watch your tank all the time. A female guppy can usually get pregnant when she is about two to three months old. I would imagine that your guppies are just breeding. If your female guppy is pregnant, her body may look boxy or … In fact, this is more common than you might think. Do Guppies Fight? If you notice this you don’t have to worry too much, as most of the time it’s just chasing and nudging. When you breed guppies, it’s important to make sure you’re paying attention to the signs of pregnancy. Hi all, I'm new here, but every time I google a question, it's you guys who pop up, so I thought I'd join. Looks like natural aging –> decay of tail, tail heavy, and coloring. The original female guppy I have is being very aggressive towards the other one. I recently had to start my tank over because of a columnaris episode. Posted by David R: Anyway, I had 1 guppy leftover. There’s predominantly male offspring in the tank. The body shape of male and female guppies is very different and distinctive. I’m not sure with the cases but it seems to be around 15 to 20% of them just die when I bring them and make the transfer between the pet store in my aquarium. And when you do notice a dead fish it’s also important to check the tank parameters, as well as the inhabitants to make sure that there’s nothing wrong. I thought maybe her boys are hassling her to much which leads to stress and subsequently poor health, combined with her being a bit older already…. When you stick fish inside of a box and tell them to live together.. there is bound to be some chasing and aggression. If all other tank mates are not showing these signs then I would say it’s due to age. Keep with Other Fish, Flowerhorn Not Eating, Head Shrinking, Not Active, There is such a thing as cleaning too much or too often. The most common reason for guppy fish acting aggressive or fighting is breeding tendencies. However, just like with all animals, guppies can be unpredictable too. It’s entirely possible that guppies male or female can kill other guppies in their tank. I have a one gallon tank with an undergravel filter and air pump. Just the tiniest small napkin rip out some fans and have some open flesh be open. So keep reading to find out everything you need to know! One of the most common signs of aggression is when one guppy is constantly chasing another. Also, maybe elevated water parameters might stress the fish and cause behavior … In this article not only are you going to find out about guppy aggression, but you’ll also learn, how common it is, and if it does occur how to deal with it! Guppy in Labor Symptoms: If your female Guppy is showing two or more of these symptoms, chances are she’s in labor. (Some great tank mates for guppies include platies and neon tetras.). Storing sperm allows the female guppy to have babies … If it’s just guppies in your tank and you notice that you can never see all of them, then the chances are that bullying and aggression is occuring. I think he was bullied. Also, note that you should not keep too many guppies in the same tank other than what is suggested above. Guppy fish chase each other when mating. This will ensure that every male … You have to take that extra second and analyze each of your fish and make sure that they’re not doing too much damage to the rear fins when there nipping and chasing each other. Normally, it’s just one fish that’s going to cause a problem, and once you remove that fish, every other fish will have a much better life. It could be that other guppies nip her fins because they sense how weak she is. As well as plants, caves driftwood and ornaments also make great hiding places. Here is a picture and link: The males will especially act tough and it’s quite funny to watch. Also, if the tank is too small or there aren’t enough hiding places, aggression levels among guppies will rise. She’s been swimming like this since two or three days. It’s easiest to tell apart from the ones that aren’t pregnant before feeding time. she also has … Another reason that female guppies may end up fighting or bullying is when one of them is pregnant. So, rather than laying eggs and waiting for them to hatch, a female guppy releases live guppy babies (called guppy fry) into the water. (And How To Stop Guppy Bullying), Are Goldfish Aggressive? So you need to make sure that you’re doing everything you can to reduce the chances of aggression. As well as this, the females are also going to be a lot more stressed as they’ll constantly be being harassed by the males. As a rule of thumb, you should have a 3:1 ratio of females to males. Another sign that a guppy may be acting aggressively is if you notice certain fish are hiding. http / First off, get her away from other fish. When lines of sights are broken, then it’s much more likely that a guppy will cease acting aggressively. Let us know some updates if it progresses any further. Betta Care Fish Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. As soon as i put the, one of them kept.following the platys but wasn't biting. Otherwise Guppies that are full might get mistaken for being … I personally do not care for those little fry boxes. Posted by Kelly Z: It’s awesome to see you doing research on topics like this. female guppy aggression. Not only, can your guppies get away when there are more hiding spots, but they also break lines of sight a lot easier. And, you should also take this time to make sure it’s just your guppies being aggressive and not other fish in the tank as well. A female guppy can give birth to between 10 and 120 guppy fry in 6 hours.